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Friday, October 9, 2015

Dachshund Nola Reviews and GIVEAWAY: Solvit Decorative Pet Steps

Hey, everyone!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes for Miss Nola yesterday! She loved them. :D

Today we're working with Solvit Products for a review of their Two Step Decorative Pet Steps. Solivit offers a wide range of products for the home, traveling, and even cat products. There's something for every need at Solvit!

I've had pet steps for Nola to get up on the bed since she was a small puppy, not that she uses them much. ;) She's always flinging herself off the bed and giving me a heart attack, daredevil that she is. The same flimsy, plastic steps covered in a stretchy faux-sheepskin type material have been up against the bed for nearly 5 years now. They were ugly, slide all over, and weren't the most stable things (good thing Nola's only 10lbs!). Enter Solvit's Decorative Pet Steps!

This thing....! I love it! It looks so much better than the old set, with a muted cherry wood color and soft cream carpeting on top that fits in with my bedroom decor. It's quite tasteful for pet furniture, and isn't an eyesore like its predecessor. This particular set comes in two sizes; ours is the smaller of them.

I'm sorry for the sucky photos! Yesterday and the day before were the only days it hasn't been pouring rain with awful light. :/ Such is early fall in Florida.

I normally have it at the foot of the bed against a trunk, but it could easily work against a normal height bed. Mine's a bit tall. 

There's no sliding around when the Tiny Terror comes dashing up them at full speed, and no constant adjusting of a cover. The carpet easily vacuums clean, and doesn't trap hair, not even Nola's short fur that sticks to everything. The carpeting is very short and very tight, so there's no tugging of nails or ID tags. It muffles noises quite well, too!
The steps are light and easy to move, and they're quite sturdy. I've used them as an impromptu stool on more than one occasion, and I'm 114lbs. They've been in constant use for well over a month now, and are holding up fantastically. I did manage to chip the corner by accidentally dropping an armful of hardback books on it while I was rearranging my bookcases of well over 1,000 books, but that was total user error on my part. ;)

The book mishap. Not too bad, considering it was a dozen or more hardbacks!

I'll be perfectly honest and say I took one look at the directions to put the steps together and promptly handed it over to my dad to build. He had no issues with assembling it, though he can build pretty much anything. For your average clueless to building things person, it looks a bit tough. Good thing it's a one time thing!

Overall, I'm thrilled with these steps, and highly recommend them! 5 stars, for sure!

Solvit has offered one of my lucky followers a set of pet steps of their choice! Follow the info in the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win. US only. Winner will be notified on Monday!  a Rafflecopter giveaway

- Dachshund Mommy

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Nola Through The Years!

8 Weeks (she was the mouthiest puppy! I was chewed up for weeks)
I really regret not having a better camera during Nola's puppy time!

8 weeks

12 weeks

4 months

6 months

1 year

18 months

2 years

2.5 years

3 years

3.5 years
4 years
4.5 years

Almost 5!

Monday, October 5, 2015

5 Years Fly By!

Hey, everyone!

On Thursday, Nola will be five years old. I can't believe it! My first dog, my heart dog, my baby girl and my learning curve is all grown up. I couldn't ask for a better dog.

It sounds trite, but she couldn't be more perfect if she was made just for me (maybe she was!). I never imagined that the tiny 8 week old trouble maker would turn into this incredible, charismatic little spitfire you see on the blog. I can't believe how lucky I am.

For those who've had a heart dog, you understand exactly what I mean: Having this perfect dog that puts all others to shame, that's built to fit you perfectly and challenges you just the right way (or maybe I just like being kept on my toes ;)), the one pet you can't imagine life without. It's the most exhilarating and at the same time terrifying thing you can experience with a dog.
If you haven't had a heart dog, you'll get there! There's a Nola out there for everyone. <3

If that wasn't the most disjointed thing I've ever read, I don't know what was. ;) I'm all kinds of sentimental and sappy right now!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Black and White Sunday

Nikon D3300
35mm lens
ISO 400 

Join me and my co-host Sugar for the Black and White Sunday Blog Hop! Grab the badge and link up!